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    Texas Auto Insurance — Teens, DUIs, and SR-22

    There are specific classes of drivers who need a special type of insurance. Drivers who are witnessed driving recklessly, whether they are under the influence of something or just not following the rules of the road, will face harsh penalties. A major offense would be to drive without having proper insurance, or no insurance at all.

    TX Auto Insurance for Teenage Drivers

    Some groups of people may find it a bit difficult to find inexpensive vehicle insurance options, especially teenagers. This is because they have less experience with driving, so they present a risk for insurance companies. Driving recklessly or causing an accident most certainly will lead to legal consequences for the teen and/or his or her parents. Bear in mind the information that follows regarding teen drivers in the state of Texas:

    GDL Law Requirements: Texas
    Learner’s permit begins at 15 years of age
    Intermediate license begins at 16 years of age
    Full licensure begins at 17 years of age
    Mandatory Learner’s Permit Hold 6 months
    Supervised Practice Driving minimum of 20 hours required while in the permit stage, with 10 of those hours driving at night
    Unsupervised Nighttime Driving Ban During the hours between midnight and 5 a.m., while the teen is in the intermediate stage
    Passenger Restrictions prohibition of more than one passenger under the age of 21
    Cell Phone Use During the first 12 months of the intermediate phase, there is to be no non-emergency use of cell phones, both hand-held and hands-free types
    Texting No texting while driving during the first 12 months of the intermediate phase, and no texting while in a school zone is in effect for all drivers.

    Getting DUI Insurance in Texas

    Your insurance company will provide you with a card for proof-of-insurance. It is required that you show proof of insurance in the state of Texas, when you:

    • Are asked to show your proof by a law enforcement officer
    • Are in an accident
    • Get an inspection on your car
    • Receive your driver’s license, or have it renewed
    • Have your car registered, or have the registration renewed

    If you are in violation of the financial responsibility laws of the state, you will face significant penalties. For your first offense, there will be a fine of between $175 and $350. Further offenses may lead to fines of $350 to $1,000, having your vehicle impounded, and/or having your driver’s license become suspended.

    SR-22 Insurance in Texas

    An SR-22 is a document that shows proof of minimum liability coverage in the state where the driver is located. This document must be filed with the DMV. It is not required that everyone file an SR-22. Drivers who typically must file an SR-22, have special circumstances such as a DUI conviction, driving without proof of insurance, or have had an uninsured auto accident. In Texas, an SR-22 filing is required in order to have a driver’s license be reinstated.

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